Defending Your Faith

You believe Christianity is true. But do you know why?

Friday Feature: The Fact-Value Split Part 1: Relativism

Video link: Today we begin a series of posts on the “fact-value split.” The fact-value split describes how pretty much every modern person thinks. It’s a way of thinking in which all of reality has been divided into two parts—a realm of facts and a realm of values. Nancy Pearcey describes the fact-value splitContinue reading “Friday Feature: The Fact-Value Split Part 1: Relativism”

Friday Feature: It Pays to Know a Little Philosophy

Video Link: In past Friday Features, we talked about the idea that there are “two books” – the book of Scripture and the book of nature, and that from very early on, Christians have thought that God has revealed Himself to humankind primarily in two ways. First, we know that God exists from theContinue reading “Friday Feature: It Pays to Know a Little Philosophy”

Friday Feature: The RNA World

Updated: Jan 19 Video Link: The question of how life arose on earth may be the greatest question science has attempted to answer. In the modern science of biological origins, researchers commonly suppose that life arose through an undirected physical process described by well-understood principles of chemistry and physics. Even though our understanding of biochemistryContinue reading “Friday Feature: The RNA World”

Friday Feature: “Medieval Joe”

Video Link: Modern people search for meaning in life, in a pursuit that is often furious, but ultimately fruitless. When Thoreau wrote that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,”[1] he characterized a modern problem that began long before. The industrial revolution, the sexual revolution, and more recently, the information age, socialContinue reading “Friday Feature: “Medieval Joe””

Friday Feature: Magic, Science, Religion, and Technology

Updated: Jan 3 VIDEO LINK: Christians know that we live in a fallen world, and each of us is responsible for its fallenness. The evil of the human heart is not limited to what we do, but also involves what we think. Imaginations of the mind feed the desires of the heart. When biblical principlesContinue reading “Friday Feature: Magic, Science, Religion, and Technology”

Don’t Waste Your Life

I recently asked volunteers from our high-school apologetics fellowship to write a chapter summary for Chapter 7: “Living to Prove He Is More Precious than Life” from the book Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. Our students were asked to read a book chapter and write about the fact, truth, idea, or principle theyContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Life”

Who Makes More Sense: Lisa Gungor or Alisa Childers?

A fascinating interview between two gifted artists from the Christian music scene illustrates a deep worldview divide. One of the rotten fruits of postmodernism is skepticism of “Western logic,” an attitude that has lately become fashionable. Nonsense is the certain result. The law of non-contradiction says that something cannot be both true and not trueContinue reading “Who Makes More Sense: Lisa Gungor or Alisa Childers?”

Ecclesiastes: What is the Meaning of a Book about Meaning?

Recently a friend asked me a question about Ecclesiastes—one of my favorite books of the Bible. Perhaps the word “vanity” owes its currency in modern English partly to the frequency with which it occurs in the book of Ecclesiastes. This short volume is replete with the word “vanity,” which also appears in many translations ofContinue reading “Ecclesiastes: What is the Meaning of a Book about Meaning?”


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